7 Ultimate Tips to start Daily Writing Habit

Writing habit

Do you  have a habit of writing every day ?

You wanted to start  writing,  but never done ?  Or  You have started, wrote for some days and eventually stopped?

Is this resonates with you?  You are not alone, many people have this problem. They have a dream of becoming  a good writer but fail in starting or off the way.

 I  too have been  thinking to write everyday . But something is dragging me to start my writing habit. 

However,  I have decided to  start writing something from today

I  strongly believe that  I will certainly  succeed in this new and challenging habit

As per  “Psycho-cybernetics” a book written by Dr. Maxwell Maltz, it  takes 21 days to form a habit in our brain

Wisdom people say any happened is practiced for 21 days as  a routine, will  instil a ritual in one’s routine.

Let’s see what made me to procrastinate this beautiful act of writing

  • I am not ready
  • I don’t know what to write
  • My English is not good
  • I will start from tomorrow
  • I  think others will laugh at  writing
  • It needs a lot of time
  • I don’t have knowledge to write
  • My grammar is not good
  • I don’t have writing skills
  • I don’t need to write
  • I don’t find time
  • Not now, I will start definetely one day, don’t know when
  • I will attend a  writing workshop before start writing
  • I want someone to motivate me to write
  • All those excuses are for people who dreams but don’t take an action.
  • Writing  is not big challenge if you have a will. You can do so even though you have all above mentioned reasons.

Let me give some tips on how to start  writing habit.

  1. Assign a time every day for writing, it can be a little as 10 minutes and gradually increase the time over a period of time
  2. Before starting  set timer in your mobile or  Table clock
  3. Start writing what ever comes to your mind ( It can be past event, an experience, or your opinion  about some thing, a story)
  4. Start with 50 words per day,  gradually increase word count every day to your comfort level
  5. Keep all  your writings at place ( A dairy or  Word document online or offline), Show them to  your friends, take feedback
  6. Review your writings once in a week,  identify areas for improvement and implement in ongoing writings.
  7. Repeat the above six points 

By implementing above you will  surely find  writing is a fun and enjoyable. 

You will find improvement  in writing week on week. 

Your thought process will improve. 

You will be able to express your ideas or thoughts in a better way

If you are good at writing, you can become good story teller, or Content writer. 

Writing helps you to start and build  a  new Career  as Writer or a Digital Marketer.  

In today’s world, content is a King to be a  successful Digital marketer

So  stop procastinating and  start writing today

“Wish you happy writing”

Hope the above  will help you to make new habit, let me know your thoughts below

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