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DMOS Review:  Are you a digital marketer?  or a small business owner? and spending a lot of money month on month subscriptions,  for important digital marketing tools?   This is quite a pain full to pay monthly hefty subscription charges for email, Bot,  Funnel builder (Landing page), cloud storage, SEO tools, CRM, etc.. It is a Never ending story, as you have to pay as long as use them. What if all digital marketing tools are available in one place and you have lifetime access at an affordable one-time price? Awesome right?  You need not pay monthly subscriptions and it is available for a lifetime.  Here is an awesome tool is known as  “ Digital marketing Operating Suite “   aka DMOS which is a lifesaver for you. This has been developed by Founders of have more than 15 years of experience in the Digital Marketing Industry. This has 9 awesome tools that you can use for a lifetime. Hi, I am  Sudhakar Tammysetty a freelance Digital marketer.  I have purchased   Digital Marketing  Operation Suite (DMOS)  and using it for a couple of months. It is an awesome tool and I am very happy personally for having this tool. Let us see what is there for you in it.

The DMOS suit has the following  most essential marketing  tools :

  • Funnel Builder
  • Analytics
  • Bot
  • Test to Speech converter
  • Email Marketing
  • Gig Drive
  • Link Shortner
  • SEO

  • CRM

The tools are simple to use and execute your day to day marketing tasks. Let us have a close look 

1. Funnel builder

You can easily a landing page or funnel for your business with simple steps using DMOS funnel builder.

You can also build a landing page in less than 10 minutes with built-in templates or you can build one right from scratch as per your strategy or design.

You can customize the landing page to your domain by adding “ A “ records to the DNS server. It is like your website. Just do it and publish

DMOS - Funnel

2. Analytics

Just having a website is not enough. You need to measure its performance. You can set up your website analytics using DMOS Analytics.

Just add a website to DMOS analytics and copy the DMOS code and paste it on your website’s Header section on the entire site. That’s it. You can start monitoring the performance of your site similar to Google analytics.

It has an option to make it private or public view.

3. Bots

A chatbot is another important tool to communicate with your prospects seamlessly. Using the DMOS bot, You can easily integrate it into your Facebook or Instagram handles.

You can also post or schedule posts to your Facebook and Instagram from this tool. You can set up an autoresponder through a messenger bot, SMS gateway, and Email tool.

Bot - DMOS

4. Test to Voice converter

This is an awesome tool to make voice notes just by typing text. This is particularly useful for those shy off-camera or mic.

You can make simple voiceovers for your business or marketing videos. It is simple to use and Implement.

You can get a female or male AI-based voice. The pace and volume can be easily set as per your requirements. The output will be an mp3 file.

5. Email Marketing

Email marketing tool is essential for any website or landing page to provide opt-in and capture leads.

This tool in DMOS is easy to set up along with Send grid API. You need to create an API in send grid and set up an options page in the DMOS.

There is no limitation on the number of emails sent in this tool. You can build lists. You can send unlimited emails to engage your prospects

Bot - DMOS

6. Gigdrive

Gig drive - DMOS

Gig Drive is cloud storage similar to 100 Gb space included in the DMOS. You can store all your media, documents, etc in one place. You can also share the links to your media, document, or folders.

7. Link shortener

Link shortener is an excellent tool to shorten your link for easy sharing. You can create customized links to your bio or website URLs. There is no limitation on the number of links.

8. SEO


In this tool, you can do SERP checking, Backlinks analysis, Keyword research and website speed test, Crawl-ability check, Mobile support test, etc.

Sitemap verification and submission, Status of Robot.txt, etc. This is most useful for the day-to-day use of SEO for content writers, bloggers, digital marketers.

9. CRM

Not to mention, without a CRM tool, It is difficult to track the interaction with customers as per my opinion. DMOS CRM Tool is an excellent tool to set up all the touch points of a Customer life cycle. This is a must-have tool for any business or enterprise.

DMOS is officially launched recently and available only on invitation



  • One time fee of Rs. $97, life time access compare to other tools
  • At present have only 9 tools, but has road map to add more tools
  • Customer support is good
  • It has a Strong Community forum to help you
  • Support team conduct weekly webinar to educate you and make full use of the tools


  • It is a new Brand
  • It has long learning curve for beginners.

For whom this a best

This is best for  Freelance Digital Marketers, Business owners, Startup Agencies,  Digital Marketing students who want to sharpen skills at low entry cost. Fortunately, I have an invitation link which I am sharing below.   You can clicks this link to  Create an account. Go to the Membership area, you can purchase the  DMOS. Join now using the below invitation  link, save money  and get lifetime access to DMOS


Disclaimer:  If you purchase using the above link, I will get some commission which I will use for making more videos and Reviews to help the community 

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  1. Awesome. Your idea of Digital Marketing is a fabulous idea for Entrepreneurs ; Startups and young learners. Keep educating people on this new age business tool…RaoG

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